Tarot card Reading and graphology

Tap into the universal wisdom and connect with the collective and individual mind with Tarot Reading and Graphology.

Get your handwriting analysed along with guidance to improve at Special discount offer of
just 2000/-INR

When writing a sample ,please follow these rules:
  • Use a fountain or ballpoint pen  and not a pencil or a felt-tip pen.
  • Use unlined, plain A4 size sheet to write.
  • Please try to use the entire sheet.The more you write better analysis can be done.
  • Do not copy something already written and do not use poetry. Write about yourself as much as you can.
  • Do not forget  to sign at the end. I will analyze all the positive and negative traits in your writing. This will help you improve your life and decisions you take.
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Why Graphology and tarot reading?


Graphology is the analysis of your handwriting through  which you express yourself.Graphology helps  you to transform yourself by changing your handwriting and signatures.Learn the best way to represent your true self through your handwriting and signatures.

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading can be the torch to your life when used with faith, you tend to form a bond with the cards when you give into the process and feel yourself communicating with the universe .Tarot reading helps you take informed decisions.

achieving your goals

 Tarot reading  makes positive changes and helps  to manifest your goals and dreams in future. Get guidance and reading for: CAREER/ FINANCE/ LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS / HEALTH/ LIFE& DESTINY

About mini badola

tarot reading-mini badola

Tarot reading has helped me get in touch with the universe on a deeper level. Tarot can be a torch to your life when used with faith.It helps you to gain insight and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, opportunities, and life.It helps you take informed decisions.

Graphology, mini badola

I have over 16 years of experience in Graphology .I am a handwriting analysis expert. Consequently I help you to in your journey towards success and eternal well being. By correcting your handwriting and signature you can not only rectify the negativity but also find yourself feeling better in every aspect. Feel free to contact me for guidance in Graphology.

Mrs Mini Badola

Tarot reading-mini badola-graphology

Get ultimate advice

Get a direction to the right path for the future. Become more aware of the future, past and present through Tarot reading.

Get actual foresight

Get the most genuine foresight. Also become more aware of future , past and present.on a universal and personal level through Tarot reading.

Resolve your concerns

Get a unique bonding with the cards and feel yourself communicating with the universe which helps you to resolve your concerns with Mini Badola.

Graphology-mini badola

Handwriting Analysis

Graphology is a process, that determines personality traits and details about a person. Correct analysis can pull out your flaws which can be worked upon to help you in your professional life.

Signature Analysis

Your signature speaks about yourself. Remove the unnecessary strokes in your signature through graphology. Also get the right guidance in making your signature help you in achieving your goals.


Repetitive exercise of these strokes will trigger your subconscious mind resulting in overcoming the old habits inside you. Consequently helping you to achieve your goal.


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